The Tomb Raider Movie Trailer Has Arrived

Some scenes look quite familiar.

The Tomb Raider movie has been in production for a while with Alicia Vikander taking on the role of Lara Croft. Alongside her star Walter Goggins, Dominic West, Daniel Wu,  and Hannah John-Kamen. While we’ve seen some images from set as well as poster for the movie, where Vikander’s neck looks to be a little too long we’ve had to wait for actual footage.

Today though the first trailer for the movie was released, and as suggested by earlier rumblings it uses aspects of the Tomb Raider reboot game.

Tomb Raider is set to release in cinemas in 2018.

Source: YouTube

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  1. I haven’t played the reboot but even from reviews and the like I could tell the game was the manhole cover from which they did the rubbing. Good trailer though, Vikander has been in some good stuff and is a great choice to play Lara, should be alright.

  2. Looks really good. Last two Tomb Raider games have been excellent. The film couldn’t possibly be any worse than Cradle of Life.

  3. Looks awful!

  4. It looks sweinfully shite!

  5. Alicia Vikander is… Laraniss Evercroft.

    It looks ok. You never can tell how a movie will turn out these days from watching the trailer but this is about what you might expect from a modern day director, stripped of artistic integrity and forced to make an inoffensive, paint by numbers action flick, with complete studio control.

    As for Lara, I do wish they had gone with another actress. Sure, Alicia has that slightly above average look that most females can allow themselves to root for and not be completely envious of (see Emma Watson as Belle in Disney’s latest adaptation of Average and the Beast – I honestly couldn’t tell which character was supposed to be the Beast for most of the film). But even ignoring her appearance for a moment, there’s just nothing there… no personality, presence or (god forbid) sexuality. Jolie nailed it in the earlier TR movies. But these modern days heroines are all so pitifully drab, uninteresting and completely devoid of charisma, it makes me sad that we now seem to revere the ordinary in place of the extraordinary.

    These actresses are all so forgettable, they may as well cast an unknown and save themselves some money.

    Don’t get me started on her accent.

    • What’s wrong with her accent? She’s quite known talent in adapting correct accents. But I too would have used someone else – She’s too petite – shorter than Kevin Keegan I think.

    • Agreed – I’ve no idea who she is, but she just doesn’t look like the image I portray as Lara Croft whatsoever.

      As for the Emma Watson / Belle thing – I once again agree. I just googled her as Belle. Now don’t get me wrong, she isn’t ugly by a long shot, and no way would I be kicking her out of bed… But, when the title is ‘Beauty’ and the Beast, she hardly looks BEAUTIFUL (jaw dropping) if that makes sense.

      • Also, is there really any need for another bloody Tomb Raider movie? It’s not so bad rehashing games as there’s so many different things you can do or ways to play them, but constantly churning out the same movies???

      • Check out Ex Machina, it’s really good and Vikander (well, the parts of her that are in it) are excellent!

      • Ahhh, yes, I’ve seen it – good film. Now she looks familiar, although I’m still not sure she suits Lara Croft. Unfortunately, the way our countries going at the moment, we’ll have Sharon Rooney playing the next Lara Croft.

      • Hah, or Louis Spence!

      • I was thinking more Gabourey Sidibe, but yeah, him too lol

      • She was alright in that to be fair but there’s a reason she was cast as a robot.

        I feel I’ve been overly harsh on Alicia’s appearance and her abilities as an actress (quite tongue in cheek I assure you). Although I do stand by my opinion of Miss Watson (how could they do that to poor Belle?). It would be like casting Amy Schumer as Marilyn Monroe in a remake of Some Like It Hot. Just no. I suppose she could play one of the blokes (if they do ever decide to remake it) but I think I’d still be offended.

        As for Alicia, she’s perfectly fine, no doubt, but Lara deserves more than just ‘fine’. And I do believe she was chosen so other girls (or a wider range of girls) could relate to her. Breath-taking (natural) beauty appears to be somewhat frowned upon now as ‘they’ try to move away from the idea of women being merely objects of a man’s affection. Still, I don’t think our eyes should suffer as a result of some political box ticking. Women can be incredibly beautiful, charismatic, sexual AND smart. And that’s who Lara should be, not some run of the mill chamber maid with the charisma of an old mop.

  6. It does look like they have just made a movie out of the games script.

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