Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition free trial coming soon, will last nearly two weeks

Capcom will be hosting a free trial of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition on PS4 and Steam, with all players able to access from April 23rd 1 pm PT /24th 12 am UTC. The trial will last for almost two weeks as it runs until May 5th/May 6th depending on your time zone. The trial will give access to all 16 of the game’s base characters as well as four of the DLC characters; Blanka, Akuma, Menat, and Juri. Those who already own the game will get the same access to those characters during the trial period.  As the name implies Arcade mode will be available, along with Versus, Challenges, and Training modes.

Outside of the free trial Street Fighter V owners will be able to get Breath of Fire II Battle content, as a crossover costume of Falke and Katt becomes available between May 10th to June 7th. Players will also be able to obtain the Breath of Fire II background music during the same time frame. M.Bison fans will be able to try their luck for the character’s classic costume between April 23rd and June 15th in Fighting Chance.

Source: Capcom

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