Days Gone official soundtrack released

With Days Gone just a week from launch, Sony Music has released its official soundtrack for the upcoming PlayStation exclusive.

Composed by Nathan Whitehead, the 25-track album is available on all major streaming platforms and even includes a special track from UK chart-topper, Lewis Capaldi.


You can listen to the collection, by clicking on the Spotify player below.

Days Gone launches next week on Friday, 26th of April. Our review of the Freaker-infested open world survival game will go live the day before,  at 13.01pm BST (UK timezone) to be precise. That’s 14.01pm CEST.

With The Last of Us Part II looming (and potentially launching this November) PlayStation fans are eager to see how Sony Bend’s post-apocalyptic title can stand shoulder to shoulder with the PlayStation 4’s recent run of top tier exclusives.

If you really want to show your love for Days Gone – and have loads of cash – you can buy one of Diesel’s £790 custom biker jackets, the clothing label also selling t-shirts and other desinger merch.

In a bizarre promotion, US retailer GameStop will let punters buy Days Gone, then receive a full refund within 48 hours of purchase if they’re not too keen on it.

How many people will take them up on that offer? We’ll have to see when the game finally touches next Friday.

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