Repel the insect invasion in cute action platformer Tamarin


There’s no doubt that as the weather turns warmer we’ll all be seeing a lot more insects around from the humble bumblebee to spiders, and annoying mosquitoes. Ants will also be busy too though I’m hoping not quite a busy and smart as the ants in the trailer for Tamarin who wear sunglasses, dance, and use guns. Yep, in Tamarin you play as a cute little creature who finds itself embroiled in a battle with gun wielding, dancing ants.

Tamarin is a mix of genres from the exploration of an interconnected world, platformer, and third person shooter. The game is heading to PS4 and PC this summer with the price being $29.99 / £22.99 / €27.99. There will be a deluxe version too which will cost  $39.99 / £29.99 / €35.99. There are currently no plans for a Switch version of Tamarin, or Xbox One for that matter due to the small scale size of the team who are using all their resources on the PS4 and PC versions.

Source: Chameleon Games

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