VR shooter Space Junkies get new map, mode and characters

Space Junkies, Ubisoft’s crack of the VR multiplayer shooter whip, has received its first update, kicking off the roadmap of Season 1 content. The Season 1 Episode 1 update is out now for the game on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality, adding a new map, mode and characters to the game.


The new game mode is called Final Cut, a zero-G spin on the iconic Gun Game from Call of Duty, in which players are given one game at a time until you reach the final weapon, the Double Solar Sword. The Orbital Mine is the new map, with rocks, pipes and tunnels, not to mention flowing lava! And you’ll be able to represent the Quantic Calamari family with the new skin, Squid.

This is just the start of what will be a 16 week long season, with four episodes set for release over the next four months. The roadmap for this also reveals that Episode 2, which is set to release in May, will be bringing Move controller and smooth rotation support for PlayStation VR, helping to reduce some of the input differences when fighting in the game’s cross-platform lobbies.

To get more people into the game, Ubisoft are also holding a sale across all platforms, knocking 60% off the price.

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  1. Good old Ubisoft and their weird support for VR. They’ve done more than any other big studio, but in such a way you start to wonder if someone high up just really likes VR and everyone else is just trying to keep them happy.

    Based on the beta, Space Junkies is terrible on the PS4 with it’s lack of smooth turning and weird aiming with the DS4. There’s a fun game there somewhere, just as it is on PS4. So why didn’t they get it right to start with instead of updating it later when it’s down to less than half price?

    The hundreds of hours I’ve spent in Star Trek: Bridge Crew proves they can do a great job of VR games. But even that could have been so much more. Release it, seemingly abandon it, randomly fix bugs, suddenly release DLC, then the flat version that kind of screws things up by letting people play without a mic.

    And now a multiplayer VR game which will be near enough dead by the time they get it working how it should have been to start with?

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