American Fugitive breaks out with some classic GTA vibes next month

Being accused of a murder you didn’t commit is the worst, and that’s exactly what happens in Fallen Tree Games’ American Fugitive, forcing you to break out of prison and go on the run to get revenge. This open-world sandbox (with more than a bit of a classic GTA feel) is coming to PS4 and PC on 21st May, Nintendo Switch on 23rd May and Xbox One on 24th May, costing £17.99/€19.99/$19.99.


So yeah, it’s heavily inspired by classic GTA, and definitely the handheld GTA Chinatown Wars that was the most recent top down game in that series. However, you trade in the hustle and bustle of a busy city for a sleepy rural mid-west town in the 1980s.

You play as the wrongly convicted Will Riley, but just because he didn’t murder his own dad doesn’t mean he won’t get his hands dirty. He’s more than happy to wreak havoc, committing crimes for a wide range of shady characters in the region, so that he can maybe, just maybe get to his dad’s real killer.

We went hands on with American Fugitive a couple weeks ago and had a good bit of fun with it. Keep your eyes peeled for a preview sometime soon!

Source: press release

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