Be a cute and fuzzy sugar glider in Away: The Survival Series

The world can be as beautiful as it is dangerous for cute and fuzzy little animals, and Away: The Survival Series is going to show you just how true that is. The trailer that was part of the State of Play stream featured a sugar glider simply trying to make its way in the world and, you know, not get caught out by a deadly natural disaster.


As the sugar glider, you’ll have to both hunt for food as well as avoid predators, travelling through swamps, caverns and forests, able to leap and glide through the world. It’s a world that’s been touched by humanity, with decrepit wind farms and abandoned, decaying buildings and general detritus, but that’s not the overarching danger that you’ll face, as huge storms bear down on the planet and you simply try to survive.

The game is ‘coming soon’ to PS4 and PC.

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