AWAY: The Survival Series releases September 28th for PS5, PS4, and PC

Breaking Walls has confirmed the release date for its survival game AWAY: The Survival Series. That release date is September 28th and the game will be available on PS5, PS4, and PC. In AWAY: The Survival Series players take on the role of varieties of animals including sugar gliders, frogs, crabs, praying mantis, and spiders. Each of the animals will have their own traits that can help with getting past obstacles. It seems the sugar glider will be the main character, but you will be able to jump into the other characters to assist. You can view the brand new release date trailer below, which shows a glimpse of the danger awaiting.

As the sugar glider, you’ll have to both hunt for food as well as avoid predators, travelling through swamps, caverns and forests, able to leap and glide through the world. It’s a world that’s been touched by humanity, with decrepit wind farms and abandoned, decaying buildings and general detritus, but that’s not the overarching danger that you’ll face, as huge storms bear down on the planet and you simply try to survive. AWAY: The Survival Series will launch with photo mode so you can capture the environment as you glide through them, and of the other animals that will either be friend or foe. AWAY: The Survival Series will not be easy with players having to manage the sugar glider’s health. There are four stamina bars with each one linked to Sprinting, Gliding, Instinct, and Possession. Once the stamina is gone you will not be able to use the associated skill. Different food types will help fill the different stamina bars. There will also be skills to unlock that will make life a bit easier for the sugar glider including for combat, movement, and instincts.

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