MotoGP 19 gets dedicated multiplayer servers and a weather manipulating race director

After a manically busy year for Milestone in 2018, things have calmed down just a touch for 2019, and as they focus on the imminent release of MotoGP 19, that hopefully means they can focus more on quality over quantity.

That definitely seems to be the case for MotoGP 19’s multiplayer, where the company have announced that the game will feature dedicated servers for its online multiplayer and a race director mode. MotoGP 19 will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC on 6th June, before hitting Nintendo Switch on the 27th.


The dedicated servers will be taking advantage of Amazon GameLift to provide the infrastructure, and are a good step in the right direction to providing stable and reliable online racing. It’s also helping them to add a public lobby browser, and private lobbies where you can customise the grand prix to your tastes.

On top of that, the new Race Director Mode allows you to set race sessions, decide weather conditions on track, and hand out penalties for riders breaking the rules. So, you’ll basically be as powerful as the offspring of a race director and a god of thunder. There’ll be multiple cameras and overlays to use in the TV Director, boosting MotoGP’s esports and live streaming credentials.

Source: press release

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