Just Cause 4: Los Demonios DLC will be releasing from June

The second part of Just Cause 4’s Dare Devils, Demons and Danger’ expansion pass has been announced with the next piece of content called Los Demonios. Gone are the threats of dictators and military forces, replaced by actual demonic forces. The story goes that an archaeological dig leads to the Black Hand releasing a demon horde that spreads across Solis, bringing with it spore clouds, tendrils, and creatures to send back to Hell.

Rico will have new weapons to battle against this new threat including the Demon Cross Bow, and also the ability to call in a Demon Egg supply drop. That’s not the only update that has been released as today a new patch was released that has improved the lighting in Just Cause 4 which now interacts better with the environment. This patch also makes train bridges destructible along with statues, much more intense Heat system, more ammo, and new chaos objects to destroy.

Los Demonios will be available on June 26th for Gold edition and expansion pass holders then 7 days later it’ll get a general release.

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Source: Press Release

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