Just Cause 4 patched to remove a bug for those playing on PS5

Just Cause 4 patch
Just Cause 4 patch

Just Cause 4 has had a surprise update on PlayStation 4 to remove a bug that occurs if you are playing the game on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility. That’s all it does and there will be no further updates to game. Here’s the announcement from the official Just Cause twitter feed.

We have released a patch for the PS4 version of Just Cause 4 that fixes a bug that was affecting graphics scaling when playing on PS5 using backwards compatibility. Patch 1.32 is available to download now. No further updates are planned at this time.

Just Cause 4 was given away on PlayStation Plus a while back and does play rather better on PS5 as the added power eliminates the stuttering frame rate encountered in the PS4 version.

A Just Cause mobile game was announced in 2020 with a release window of this year but it has yet to hit the app stores.

The mobile game is not been developed by series creators Avalanche, they are working on Contraband. That game will be Xbox exclusive but the CGI teaser trailer gives very little away . We do know that it’s a co-op game with players will take on the roles of smugglers exploring the fictional Southeast Asian world of 1970s Bayan.

“Contraband is our most ambitious game yet and working closely together with Xbox Games Studios has been a great experience,” said Omar Shakir, Game Director at Avalanche Studios. “We can’t wait to share more about the game and the world of Bayan.”

“We’re incredibly excited to work together with a partner such as Xbox Game Studios and look forward to laying the foundation for a long-standing partnership,” said Pim Holfve, CEO at Avalanche Studios Group. “With Contraband, we’re taking everything we’ve learned from 18 years of being in the forefront of open world games as well as bringing the knowledge from running successful live game services focusing on our player communities.”

Source: Twitter

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