Danger rises in Just Cause 4 as final expansion launches this month

Another day, another over the top crisis for Rico to deal with. Danger Rises, the third and final part of Just Cause 4’s Expansion Pass, will be launching on 29th August, bring with it a new, but familiar threat.

That launch date is just for those who bought the Gold Edition of the game or Expansion Pass, though. Everyone else will have to wait until 5th September if they want to buy it separately.

That’s right, Rico’s old employers, The Agency, have returned and they want their stuff back from their former lackey. Turning up with a fleet of gigantic submersible carriers and an army of Agency goons equipped with grappling gear that Rico uses every second of every day. Luckily Rico’s got some new tech with which to fight back against this seemingly unstoppable foe: a hoverboard. Yup, just a hoverboard…

Danger Rising adds 8 new missions to the game, the Hoverboard’s new traversal options, and some new weapons and vehicles. These include the Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug shotgun, the Stormalong Em Zero magnesis rifle, and the Yellowstone Auto Sniper Rifle with its own remote controlled drones.

This is the third and final part of the Expansion Pass, which was dubbed Dare Devils, Demons and Danger. The first two parts of this, Dare Devils of Destruction and Los Deminios arrived in the last few months with Danger Rising (originally called The Agency Strikes Back) the final piece of the puzzle.

Arriving at the tail end of last year, we had a great time with Just Cause 4. It might not have been perfect with console performance a weakness yet again, but in our review, Dom wrote, “Just Cause 4 is the best entry in the series to date, offering spectacular free-wheeling destruction on a scale that’s not been attempted before. Rico remains one of gaming’s most enjoyable protagonists, but more than ever before, it’s really all about what he’s capable of doing rather than the events unfolding around him.”

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