Agent 47 actor Timothy Olyphant describes the first Hitman film as “a pile of sh*t”

There are many reasons why a film can be rubbish. Bad script. Awful director. Studio influences. Perhaps even an actor who really wasn’t that bothered about the part he was playing.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone the actor Timothy Olyphant, who portrayed Agent 47 in the first Hitman film, explains exactly why he got the part. In short, he had bought a new house and needed some cash fast. Timothy explained that his TV show Deadwood was unexpectedly cancelled just after he had purchased a new abode, and was asked if he then had to sell the house.


Warning: Tim has a bit of a potty mouth, do not read any further if you are offended by words like motherfucker. Oh, uhm, if you are easily offended don’t read that either.

“No. I’m a glass-half-full type of motherfucker, and I said to myself, ‘Well, thank God I didn’t know they were going to cancel the show. I would never have bought this house.”” he explained.

“And let me put this under the list of why these people owe me. What we have to thank for this is the villain in [Live Free or] Die Hard and a fucking bald head in Bulgaria shooting Hitman. That’s what that phone call led to. ‘How about the villain of Die Hard?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ And they’re like, ‘Do you want to read the script?’ I said, ‘I get it. I’m in. I just bought a house. Did you not hear? They just cancelled my fucking show. Yes, I’ll do it.’ ‘What about this video game adaptation’ ‘Yes to that too. I’m in. I’ve got to make up some TV money.'”

“You know what, though? Those experiences were equally valuable,” he added. “Oddly enough, those kinds of experiences, perhaps arguably more valuable than these. You know? Find yourself bald in Bulgaria doing some pile of shit, that will get you up a little earlier in the morning and make you work a little harder.”

Personally I thought the first Hitman film wasn’t to bad. The second was pile of shit though.

Source: Rolling Stone

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