Death Stranding release date leaks, will be out this November

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When Hideo Kojima revealed Death Stranding at E3 in 2106 it was the talk of the show, a new game from the Metal Gear master than was exclusive to PlayStation. However, the reveal left us asking many questions and Kojima has kept things very much under wraps up until now.

He did let us know that it was a game about “ropes and sticks”, a metaphor for stories and guns, and revealed some of the star studded cast including The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen, Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro, French actress and Bond girl, Léa Seydoux, video game favourite Troy Baker, and rather amazingly the original Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner.


New employees at Kojima Productions were equally baffled by the game, describing it as “nothing I thought it was” and even Sony had a hard time working out what was going on, Chairman of Worldwide Studios Shawn Layden told the Telegraph that “I couldn’t explain to you what the game is.”

For the past twelve hours or so the PlayStation Twitch stream has been steadily revealing video and audio footage, the screen was almost black to start with but as the number of viewers built up more of the image was revealed. Some of the footage was from previous trailers but we had glimpses of the UI, more Léa Seydoux, and combat with a staff type weapon with other humanoid figures in yellow suits joining the fight. It’s unclear if these are AI or some sort of multiplayer.

However, ahead of the reveal a now deleted Facebook post from the official Taiwanese PlayStation account revealed the date as November 8th, a date that we have also heard  on the grapevine.

We’re expecting a full reveal and a nine minute (!!) trailer any minute, possibly 5pm UK time. You can watch the pre-reveal weirdness on TwitchTV which we have embedded below.

The pre-order page on the PlayStation store outlines some bonus digital extras. These include an exclusive PlayStation 4 dynamic theme to pimp out your home menu as well as Chibi Ludens PSN avatar, Ludens being the mascot for Kojima Productions. There are also some cosmetic items for lead character, Sam Bridges. Pre-ordering Death Stranding will net you a gold pair of glasses, gold plate armour, gold hat, and gold speed skeleton.

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