Square Enix’s Outriders to be revealed at E3

Just before E3 last year Square Enix trademarked the name Outriders suggesting the game would be revealed at the conference. Obviously that did not happen but it has been confirmed the game will be shown at E3 this year.

The Outriders Twitter account has been posting messages for about month which detail the voyage of a starship called the Flores.


It appears some sort of catastrophe has occurred here on Earth which is why the Flores on a mission to a new planet called Enoch that is described as “humanity’s last hope and salvation”. The ship includes ‘Sgt. Major Maxwell’s army’ and also the titular Outriders who are headed by Captain Tanner, these two groups appear to have some beef.

The ship takes damage to “0.371% of cryopods” on the journey but this only results in 1855 lost lives. Working backwards I make that roughly around half a million people in stasis on the ship, and they seem to be the last humans arrive as during the voyage contact with Earth has been lost.

Later tweets contain the mission log of Captain Archan.

This is my first log since awakening from cryosleep. I’m told it will be some weeks before I feel entirely like myself again. It’s unsettling being surrounded by so many active cryopods, but I’m looking forward to seeing Enoch.

According to the Tweets the Flores does reach the planet and will soon be dismantled and used to build a new home for the people on board, presumably this is where the game will begin.

The developers of the game have yet to reveal themselves. My money is on Bulletstorm developers People Can Fly who are working on a new shooter for the publisher, but it could also be Crystal Dynamics, or even the Dontnod team.

The game will be shown as part of the Square Enix presentation on June 11th at an eye watering 2.00am for those of us in the UK.

Source: Twitter

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