The Surge 2 will be released in September

Deck13 has confirmed the release date of The Surge 2 with fans of the sci-fi Souls inspired title being able to get their hands on it on September 24th, with the game releasing for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As you can expect from a sequel The Surge 2 is much bigger in scope leaving behind the CREO industrial area and opening up the city of Jericho. You’ll still have the infected machines to deal with as the wander the quarantined city, but you’ll also have to deal with the military that has been put in place to enforce the quarantine and stop anything getting out of the walls of Jericho.


The original The Surge title was well received by us in 2017 where Dave stated in the review that the game had “some fresh ideas that not only make perfect sense, but could shape future games.”

High praise indeed. Stefan recently had some hands on time with a build of The Surge 2 in which he wrote, “The Surge 2 is looking like a good step up over the first game, evolving Deck13’s take on the Souls-like genre. It feels like a fairly straight up sequel, both in terms of the story and the way that they’re evolving their formula, but the inspirations are still inescapable in places – one direct play for the Souls fan is being able to leave graffiti hints in the world for other plays to find passively”

You can read The Surge 2 preview here.

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