The Surge 2 season pass contents revealed, story DLC coming in January

The DLC Season Pass for Deck13’s dismembering Souls-like sequel The Surge 2 has been revealed today, bringing stacks of new weapons, gear sets and a new storyline set in a new district.


It all starts today, with the BORAX-I Quantum weapon available immediately to anyone buying the Season Pass, and continues with 13 new weapons arriving in November and three sets of gear for the game’s centrepiece exo-rig in December. Of course, you won’t simply be handed all of this, you’ll have to battle the citizens of Jericho City to find, collect and then construct these new sets and weapons.

It won’t be until January that you get to explore the new location in The Kraken, built around an aircraft carrier, adding hours of new content and a new threat to deal with.

Last week, Deck13 released the free Future Shock Weapons pack, adding four new weapons, that you had to fight to collect in Jericho City. These included:

  • The Golden Twin Blades Twin Rigged weapon
  • The Mangled Articulators Punching Gloves
  • The Golden Harvest Double Duty weapon
  • The EFH Heavy Duty Weapon

We reviewed the game shortly after launch in September, finding an iterative improvement over the original sci-fi Souls-like from Deck13. Nic wrote in our The Surge 2 review, “Hugely satisfying combat and some smart world design carries a decent Souls-like that feels like a solid, if safe, alternative for genre fans. The Surge 2 is competent, with flashes of excellence, but loses some of its own identity in the shadows of its inspirations.”

The Surge 2’s Season Pass is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, costing $19.99 / €19.99.

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