Gylt is a Google Stadia exclusive from the developers of Rime

While Google Stadia will launch with a fairly wide set of 31 games in November, only one of those will be truly exclusive to the service. Gylt is that game, and it’s coming from Tequila Works, the developers behind the adventure puzzler Rime.


Again, Tequila Works feature a child in their game, but where Rime was full of gorgeous sun-baked scenery, Gylt is all about darkness and fear. The tagline is ‘Shape your fears, fear the shapes’, and set in a creepy, abandoned world where almost every surface seems to be covered in missing posters, it’s clear that those fears are having an impact on the world.

Though it seems like most of the game will be spent hiding from and running away from the monsters, and solving environmental puzzles, you will be able to confront the girl’s fears, perhaps using a powerful flashlight that she holds in her hands.

Powered by Google Stadia’s server farms, Tequila Works have been able to lavish their game with some lovely looking graphics and moody lighting. You can check this out in a handful of screenshots:

Source: Gylt

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