Amazon leaks Zombie Army 4: Dead War ahead of E3

Rebellion will be shaking their collective fists at Amazon today, as the online retailer giant’s Spanish outlet listed the as yet unannounced Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Both standard and collector’s editions were listed for PS4 and Xbox One before being removed, but eagle-eyed fans managed to copy and translate the description, and an archived version of the page can still be found.

Here’s what we can expect form the game:

If you thought you were safe, you’re totally wrong. We are in 1946. Europe is in ruins, torn by the nefarious “Plan Z”. A brave band of heroes manages to throw the Führer into hell, but they know little. Hitler’s Hordes are back looking for more. Face the darkness in single-player mode or join your friends as we make your way through the undead Nazis in this spooky shooting game from the creators of Sniper Elite 4. – A creepy new campaign for 1-4 players – Epic weapons, skills and improvements – The largest horde mode ever made – The X-ray camera that breaks organs returns.

Though the game has yet to be revealed, Rebellion have been teasing an announcement during the PC Gaming Show, listing the “New Major Unannounced Title” alongside Sniper Elite VR and Evil Genius 2, a sequel to the espionage-themed Dungeon Keeper-esque strategy game.

The co-op oriented Zombie Army series spawned as an undead spin-off from Sniper Elite V2 back in 2013 – then it was known as Nazi Zombie Army, but that doesn’t really fly with putting games in retail store – receiving a sequel and eventually a full release on console as Zombie Army Trilogy.

Looking back at our Zombie Army Trilogy review, I said, “Zombie Army Trilogy knows what it wants to be, a straightforward zombie sniping game that lacks any real pretensions or delusions of grandeur. Parts of the trilogy are showing their age and difficulty spikes can sap away the fun, but steel yourself for a challenge, get some mates together and there’s plenty to like about it.”

Source: Amazon Spain via MetaCouncil, Gematsu

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