The Days Of Play sale is now live on the PlayStation Store!

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We mentioned this yesterday but it’s gone live now so wallets at the ready, it’s the annual Days of Play sale! Whoohoo!

I’ve added a few prices in, looks like Sony games are getting the biggest discounts, of you go my poppets!


As usual there’s also an offer on PlayStation Plus with 30% knocked off the price, and a twelve month subscription to PlayStation Now is also getting a hefty discount.

Source: PS Blog 

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  1. Great timing with my PS+ subscription running out in a month.

    And PS Now for a fiver a month is tempting me too.

    Unfortunately, I’ve got a lack of surround sound goodness at the moment and need to buy a new amp. So maybe I shouldn’t be spending £60 on making my backlog several hundred games longer?

    • Everything is WAY cheaper on the US store. Like Spider-Man is almost a tenner less plus you can get $50 for around £36 so another saving there too. Sony really hate us Brits when it comes to pricing.

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