Team Order and Team Chaos will battle once more in Splatoon 2’s Final Splatfest this July

Nintendo has confirmed that in July the final Splatfest event will take place for Splatoon 2 with Team Order and Team Chaos battling for ultimate supremacy while the Splatocalypse looms over the world. Players will get to decide to join Marina who leads the charge for Team Order or follow Pearl on the path of destruction as part of Team Chaos. Only one team will be able to reign supreme after the event so choose wisely.


As it’s the final Splatfest this will also be one of the last opportunities to get some new gear. In this case you’ll be able to snag some Team Chaos headgear or Team Order futuristic style.

Also, this final Splatfest will feature all of the previous Shifty Station stages as well. Not bad at all.

Source: Twitter

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