A game preview version of Tropico 6 is now available on Xbox One

El Presidente has made a return to consoles today Kalypso has announced as Tropico 6 has launched as a game preview title on Xbox One. This release allows for Xbox One players to experience Tropico 6 while it the console version is still be tweaked by the developers, with players able to go through the single player campaign. Tropico 6 is currently discounted on Xbox One from £45.99 to £41.39 if you fancy delving into this new island paradise yourself.


As this is basically an early access version of Tropico 6 there are features that are yet to be added to the game. This includes multiplayer, a random map generator, and other additions. The first two in that list are confirmed but when those features will be added to Tropico 6 is yet to be confirmed. Tropico 6 is also the first in the series to have archipelagos so you’ll have to find ways to link together your people as they spread out over the islands under your control.

Tropico 6 is already out on PC and you can read the review here. Nick described the game by saying, “Tropico 6 feels like the kind of game that you can fall back on when every other game gets a little too stressful. The economy can be tricky to get started, but you can soon start to kick back and take it easy. If you are finding it too hard though, turn on unlimited money and enjoy your break. It’s almost like going on holiday to the Carribean, which is fitting really.”

There’s currently no release date for the PS4 version of the game.

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