The Surge 2’s E3 trailer features cultists, a big machine, and a mysterious child

It was only last week that Deck13 confirmed that The Surge 2 would be releasing on September 24th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Today a new cinematic trailer was released that shows the main character walking through the ruins of Jericho and running into a few cultists who don’t take kindly to him interrupting their worship session. What follows is a battle as the main character is attacked from three sides as the cultists charge in to take him down, with battle being quite fast paced. As the battle concludes an even bigger threat emerges as a machine climbs over the ruins of a building and finds its target.


Amongst all this is a mysterious girl who leads the main character and she doesn’t seem at all fazed by the destruction around her, which either means she’s a tough one or some kind of hallucination/ projection that reveals itself to the character. Also if you’re wondering the song is The Day Is My Enemy by The Prodigy.

You can read The Surge 2 preview here.

Source: Press Release

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