Battlefield V’s Outpost mode is out today

The new, limited time Outpost multiplayer mode is live today in Battlefield V, and in teams are competing to get the most radio towers and recruits to win. Kills play a secondary goal to the main point which is to be tactical and defensive while your team builds radio towers across maps, which in turn earns ‘recruits’. The team with the most recruits at the end will be declared the winning side, so the more radio towers a team has the better.

Radio towers have three levels to them so once it is one is built you can improve it so that radio tower brings in more recruit points. However, these towers are going to be obvious targets for the enemy team so you’ll need everything you can to defend them. Towers also bring in requisition points that can be used to call in tanks, supplies, and bombs. As the battle rages more tanks and planes become available which will be needed to take out the towers.


Outpost is playable on the Arras and Mercury maps with 64 players split between two teams of 32 players.

Source: EA  

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