Alert! The PSN is back up and running! [Updated]

UPDATE 2 – 23:30 PM BST and Sony are reporting that PlayStation Network is back up and running. If you’re still struggling to connect, we’d suggest turning your PS4 off and on again.


UPDATE 1 – 2230hrs here in the UK, it’s been down since at least 1600hrs and shows no signs of being fixed.

Oh dear, if you were hoping to jump on to your favourite multiplayer game this evening you’re out of luck, at least in the UK, as the PSN is having a bit of a wobble. It seems all parts of the PSN are affected, I’ve checked and the store is down and gives me the WS-37403-7 error, and I can’t get Destiny 2 to login.

The PlayStation service page shows the problem, it was last updated a few hours ago.

A quick check on Twitter seems to show users in Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, France, the U.S.A., Mexico… well pretty much everywhere.

Keep an eye on the Service Status page to see when things get back to normal. While you’ve got some spare time why not check out all our lovely E3 coverage? 

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  1. Yeah I’ve got that problem too, when will you fix it? I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes now!

  2. Yeah same in America too, for right now all of the psn services are down, kinda a bummer I was hoping to play rb6 phantom sights

    • What is your psn I play r6s to man

  3. Have they given indication as to what caused it or when it might be back up and running?

    • No. I called customer service. They have replaced it with a voice mail that just says “we’re aware PSN is down and will fix it shortly. Please call again later”. Then it hangs up on you.

  4. Same here in Ireland. And the bullet points have changed to red now so that seems even more severe.

  5. Now THIS is why its always important to have a good stock of singleplayer games…

    • I have loads of single player, but all digital lol

    • Lmaoooo true

  6. Seems fine for me. Except Firewall, but I’m not sure if that’s because of the PSN or they tried yet another update and made it worse.

    But it’s all a bit quiet with a lack of people playing. So maybe there is an issue for some.

  7. And you’re in the UK?

    • I’m in Nottinghamshire, uk and I’m down and most of my friends are to n😟😕😱

      Also I know this has nothing to with the psn network but if anyone plays gta online and need help in missions add me
      IMtheFEARLESSfox is my psn name I’m a clean player

  8. Ah it’s been a while to be fair, make me nostalgic.

  9. I wish Sony would add a sort of system that stops the playstation plus to stop running out over night. But no it’s all about the money right?

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