Tifa Lockhart will be joining the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT roster as a DLC character

Last week Square Enix began teasing the next character for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. With all of the attention around Final Fantasy VII Remake we really should have guessed it would have been a character from that entry of the franchise. If you did guess and chose Tifa Lockhart then congratulations you were right. Tifa will be available as a DLC character for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and you can have a watch of her in action in the trailer below.


Tifa will be available from July 2nd on Steam and PS4.

You can read our Dissidia Final Fantasy NT review here. It didn’t fare too well when compared to other fighters with Dom stating, “For any Final Fantasy fan, Dissidia NT has plenty to offer, with an array of the series’ best loved characters, and plenty of chaotic combat to pit them in. Unfortunately the lack of definition to those encounters, messy UI, convoluted single player progression, and a barebones selection of modes saps a good chunk of the fun away.”

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