Square Enix wrapping up support for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in the coming weeks

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy themed 3v3 brawler, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade, are going to see support and updates wound down in the new few weeks, the company announced in a Japanese update stream. Additionally, there are no plans for a continuation of the series with a sequel or further spin-off.

While this will mean that there won’t be any further updates to the game or character additions, this is currently just sunsetting active development, and the multiplayer servers will remain online. Producer Ichiro Hazama said, “The online service will still continue running so it won’t be a case where you cannot play the game anymore,” but did say that (as with all online games) these would also “eventually end”. Players will be fgiven advance warning.


Dissidia Final Fantasy first spawned on the PSP back in 2009, as a 3v3 battler that let you pit characters from across the Final Fantasy franchise against one another in 3D brawls. It had enough success that Square Enix followed it up with Dissidia Final Fantasy for Japanese arcades in 2015, where it once again found moderate success, and a PS4 port of this a few years later in 2018.

However, it’s safe to say that it never quite caught on as Square Enix might have hoped. Certainly, it received middling reviews and Square Enix admitted that its sales were below expectations. They stuck with it though, adding new characters to the game, and dropping a free-to-play version onto PS4 and PC to try and convince more players to try it.

It’s a shame, because the game had potential that was undercut by overly busy combat and weak netcode. It remained a game for diehard fans of the franchise, with Dom saying in our review, “For any Final Fantasy fan, Dissidia NT has plenty to offer, with an array of the series’ best loved characters, and plenty of chaotic combat to pit them in. Unfortunately the lack of definition to those encounters, messy UI, convoluted single player progression, and a barebones selection of modes saps a good chunk of the fun away.”

Source: Square Enix via RPG Site

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