For Honor rolls out new live update alongside weekly content drop

In its latest Warrior’s Den broadcast, the For Honor team revealed new content and fixes coming to the popular online fighting game. The Warrior’s Den is a weekly stream hosted by Ubisoft Montreal that covers all the latest For Honor updates, news, and community highlights.


Firstly the developer acknowledged last week’s DDoS attack. As compensation, any For Honor players who have been active in the past 30 days will receive 3 consumable XP bonuses as well as 250 Steel.

The studio is also looking into issues regarding the Hitokiri community order with some players reporting that they haven’t received their participation rewards.

Moving onto new content, Ubisoft Montreal revealed a series of new signature emotes with one available for each of the game’s heroes. You see these in action via the video below taken from the Warrior’s Den stream, uploaded by YouTube user AA12 CombatSG.

There’s also a new event order which will run from June 28th to July 1st, rewarding the faction with the most ranked wins in this time. For those who own the Marching Fire expansion, there’s a new weekly Arcade quest too dubbed “The Maidens of Fensalir”.

Ubisoft also revealed a new bundle, but it will only be available until July 1st. For 30,000 Steel you will get two premium outfits, an emote, an aura effect, and ornament. It’s worth noting that these are all cosmetic items with no impact on gameplay.

A minor update has also gone live, fixing some bugs and making a slight adjustment to the Raider. For Honor’s Reddit mod, tiff92, gives a full breakdown of the changes.

Maintenance: Live Update 2.10.3

There was a maintenance on all platforms for the following changes:

Bug Fixes:


Fixed an issue that caused some specific moves to not grant revenge to the opponent in situations in which it should:

  • Lawbringer’s “Long Arm”

  • Shugoki’s “Headbutt”

  • Highlander’s “Caber Toss”

  • Tiandi’s “Dragon Kick”


Made an adjustment to Raider. Now, colliding with another Hero or object during the Raider’s “Black Throw” will do 5 Stamina Damage on the Throw Victim instead of 20.

For Honor is current in its second season of “Year 3”. Much like Rainbow Six Siege, the online brawler enjoys a regular stream of updates with larger content drops every season. The current season is focused on the Hitokiri, a new axe-wielding fighter from the Samurai faction. There are two more heroes expected in Year 3 including a new Viking and a fifth member of the Wu Lin.

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