Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled Patch adds free content and leaderboards

The team over at Beenox has outlined its first major patch for Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, prepping the remake for its first Grand Prix live season.

Just before launch, the developer revealed its CTR roadmap, confirming a string of free content drops, the first of these being the Nitro Tour Grand Prix. This will include a brand new map as well as several new characters to unlock and a bevy of cosmetic items.


This upcoming patch – expected on July 3rd – will address some other issues players have been reporting since launch, including corrupted save files. According to Beenox, this will be fixed next week and originally stemmed from racers creating too many ghosts in the game’s time trials mode.

Fans will be glad to hear that online leaderboards are coming as well as a championship leaderboard that will reset with every season. As part of Nitro Tour there will be a steady flow of challenges for players to complete, earning Nitro Points to unlock time-limited items from the pit stop.

Other improvements include the addition of podiums after every race and a better explanation of the Wumpa Coin earn rate. Here are some additional features and fixes.

Patches: Issues of Note

The following issues will be addressed in the patch:

Global Save File Corruption Issue on PS4:

Will address the global save data issue that has been affecting PS4 players

Pit Stop:

Will address an issue where Users were unable to purchase the “Electron Aqua” paint from the pit stop.

8c. Online:

Will address various known online stability issues related to the lobby, arcade, adventure, other parts of the game, and menus.


Collisions of certain maps have been reworked to remove stuck spots and possible exploit areas, along with an improvement to fidelity.

User Interface:

An issue where personal Time Trial and Relic scores are not highlighted in the “Highscores” menu will be addressed.

Community Feedback:

All villains from CNK will now be protected by the Velo mask when racing with that Power Up.

Source: Activision blog

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