Marvel’s Spider-Man patch adds free Far From Home DLC today

Insomniac Games has released a new update for Marvel’s Spider-Man, adding themed content based on the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie (which you can watch in cinemas as of today).

Patch 1.16 is now available to download, expanding Peter Parker’s wardrobe with two new costumes including the “Far From Home Upgraded Suit” and the “Far From Home Stealth Suit”, both looking as snazzy in-game as they do on the silver screen.


You can get your hands on both costumes without having to buy or download anything from the PlayStation Store (apart from a copy of the base game, of course). Once you hit the point in Spider-Man where you can switch costumes, they will be waiting for a web slinging test drive around Manhattan.

Designed by the team at Insomniac in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment, these two new suits are authentic to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fans will no doubt delight in beating down thugs in their new threads. Like previous bonus costumes, however, there are no special gameplay powers attached to these suits.

Browsing Spidey’s collection of costumes is one of the game’s many highlights, drawing not only from comic book lore, but also the more recent movies. Last Christmas, Insomniac added the somewhat iconic “Webbed Suit” from the Sam Raimi trilogy of films.

A special “Into the Spider-Verse” costume was also made available as well as one based on the Bombastic Bag-Man. This Marvel comics deep cut is a reference to the makeshift get-up Peter Parker cobbles together when he first encounters the Fantastic Four.

This isn’t the only Spider-Man: Far From Home PlayStation content currently available. Those who own PlayStation VR (and other virtual reality platforms) can download a free “VR experience” that has you zipping around New York as if you were the web slinger himself. We put together a quick review of this last week.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. Sweet. Just working through the dlc at the moment having got the platinum. Dlc feels a bit too padded out.

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