Learn about the Polish Resistance in WWII tactical RPG Warsaw

World War II will always be an event remembered as bringing great suffering to millions of people all around Earth, with armies clashing and civilians being killed for reasons that could never be justified. In the darkest places where Nazis made people suffer under their rule people rose up to fight back to survive. Amongst those places was Poland and the Warsaw Uprising. Developer Pixelated Milk has taken that event and looked to bring the story to people through the game Warsaw.

In Warsaw players will have to recruit people to the resistance, develop them to be key members of it, and then use them to fight the Nazi’s by ambush and head on. Any member of the resistance that is killed will be gone permanently so you’ll have to weigh up decisions. On top of that any decision made will have an impact on how the lives of civilians fares. Death will impact the mood of the rest of the resistance and the morale of members too, so the more people that die the less effective the fight back against the Nazis.

Warsaw has multiple zones that need freeing up from Nazi control as well as access to different resources. Players will be able to customise and develop abilities at the home base, equipping fighters with skills to meet different situations. Combat itself will be a turn based affair. Warsaw will be releasing September 4th for PC via Steam, and at a later date on consoles.

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  1. One of my close friends grandfather was a founder of the Polish resistance, after escaping a POW camp in WW2. He refused to talk about it however and took his stories to his grave, which is a real tragedy.

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