The Xbox One July 2019 update adds new features for Xbox Game Pass & Amazon Alexa

The July 2019 update for Xbox One is rolling out for users right now, adding a few new features for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and those of you who’ve linked up your consoles with Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa (because, you know, voice activation is back in fashion now). It’s not an earth-shattering update with sweeping changes, by any means, but let’s dig in to what it does.

Xbox Game Pass

Play Later – With over 100 games a part of Xbox Game Pass and a constantly shifting catalogue, it can be difficult to know what to play next or remember what’s ono offer. Play Later is a simple way of making lists of games that you might want to come back to… later.


This can be managed through your Xbox or the Game Pass mobile app.

Xbox Skills for Alexa

More Countries – Microsoft have added more languages and countries to Alexa’s Xbox Skill, adding Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

To enable Alexa support head to System > Settings > Kinect & devices > Digital assistants, then say “Alexa, open Xbox” or find the Xbox Skill in the Alexa app on your smartphone, and then follow the instructions to sign into your Microsoft account and pair the console with your Alexa devices.

New Alexa voice commands – There’s a bunch of new voice commands being added to Alexa, centred around Xbox Game Pass in particular. Hihglihgts include being able to ask “Alexa, ask Xbox what’s new on Game Pass?”, “Alexa, ask Xbox what are my friends playing?”, and to save you having to get off your bum and press the pairing button, “Alexa, ask Xbox to pair my controller.”

Head here for the full list of what you can say and get an actual response from the console, all of which can be said to Alexa or, if you’re a fan of video game AIs, Cortana (but only in the UK and US).

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  1. The Play Later thing is a cool way to curate the games I’ll never find time to play.

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