Tetris Effect is coming to PC and PC VR via the Epic Games Store


The very highly rated Tetris Effect is dropping it’s PlayStation exclusivity and heading over to the land of PCs and it will support both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This new version comes with an uncapped frame rate (if Vsync is disabled), resolutions of 4K and upwards, and ultra wide monitor support. You can also adjusted the  particle volume and size, texture filtering, and lots of other options.

There is a limited time offer on the Epic Game Store., if you pre-order the game you get ten Tetris Effect themed 4K Desktop Wallpapers and an original soundtrack sampler with seven tracks. This offer runs until August 6th.

“At times spiritual, transcendental and zen-like, at others excruciating, heart-poundingly tense and eye-wateringly immersive, Tetris Effect is game of the year material and essential on PlayStation VR,” we said in our 10/10 review.

You can ‘pre-purchase’ (yep, not pre-order) the game for £25.59, a 20% saving on the full price of £31.99.

Source: Epic Game Store

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