This statue of God of War’s Baldur is a snip at $1199

Only yesterday I was complaining about the price 75.00 cm, 8.9kg of pure evil awesomeness that is HasLab War For Cybertron Unicron, a stunning figure that costs $574.99, but now I realise that Transformers fans have got it easy as you could by two Unicrons and still have some change for the price of a God of War statue.

The Baldur & Broods statue stands approximately 24.5 inches tall and features a “highly detailed body covered in large collection of tattoos, very impressive base decorated with Broods bodies which give a nice touch to the whole piece.”


The statue will set you back a down-payment of $109.90 and then $1079.10 when it ships.

Creators Prime 1 studios say the statue will look awesome next to their upcoming Kratos & Atreus statue which will probably also cost the price of second hand car.

Source: Prime 1 Studios

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  1. That’s almost the price of an ambulance ride in the U.S.!

    I wish I was joking . . .

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