Luigi’s Mansion 3 gets the spookiest of release dates

You’ll do well to play Luigi’s Mansion 3 in the dark on launch date, because if you leave the lights on, those pesky trick or treating kids will keep interrupting your ghost hunting! That’s right, Nintendo have announced a 31st October release date for the Nintendo Switch exclusive Luigi’s Mansion 3.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 isn’t actually set in a mansion like the first two games in the cult classic series, but rather the towering and terrifying Last Resort hotel, with each floor taking on a different theme, featuring different ghosts and challenges. There’s plenty of new gadgets and gameplay ideas thrown in there, including a plunger to attach to and break things apart, the ability to slam ghosts once you’ve latched onto them with your Poltergust, and Luigi’s Gooigi sidekick, who can walk through certain world dangers like spikes and gives you a second pair of hands for the game’s environmental puzzling. Additionally, Gooigi opens up the door for local two player co-op, and the game will feature four player co-op with multiple systems.

Announced in September 2018, Luigi’s Mansion 3 was originally just a working title for the game, but appears to have been made the full and final game name. We got to go hands on with it at E3 2019 and in a post-E3 catch up, with Miguel sharing his thoughts on the game. He concluded, “My time with Luigi’s Mansion 3 was brief, but what I saw was incredibly special. The sharpness of the visuals combined with the unique new mechanics are an absolute treat, and the promise of further multiplayer modes and a bevy of new bosses has got me incredibly excited. The Year of Luigi may have long passed, but Luigi’s Mansion 3 proves that the ghostbuster in green ain’t done yet.”

Seems like this is one for Nintendo fans to mark on their calendars!

Source: Nintendo of America

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  1. Can’t wait. Need to go back and actually finish 2 first though!

  2. I’ve never played a Luigi’s Mansion game before, so really looking forward to this!

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