Bohemia reveal their plans for DayZ during the rest of 2019

Bohemia Interactive have outlined their plans for DayZ for the rest of 2019 having finally launched the game on PlayStation 4 recently.

On consoles they say version 1.04 “will carry out a complete server and character wipe, and will introduce private servers. Also, this update will address some of the current most troublesome issues in the game – duping, server hopping, and frame rates.”


However, the also say updates to the console versions will always happen 3-4 weeks later than those on PC, but the good news is that PC players will be testing for bugs for the console players, so that’s nice of them isn’t it?

The main reason for this lies with the specifics related to the console submission and review process. It takes 3-7 days for a submitted game to go through review. If it is decided that the build is good to publish, it takes 3 more days to roll the update out to the public. However, if there are any issues flagged as a must-fix by Sony or Microsoft (even ones that could be fixed in an hour), the whole process has to start again.

Because this review process can take so long, we use the readily available PC platform to try new versions early – to check if there are any significant issues we missed (as you know, it happens). This PC testing lets us deliver the console update in a more reliable state and minimizes the chance of re-sending builds for review.

Bohemia say that “our focus for DayZ for the rest of 2019 will be: bug fixing, stabilizing, balancing, and modding support,” but have outlined some new features and content.

  • Advanced health system – We improved it in 1.04 and will continue the balancing. However, at this time we will not commit to implementing complex medical/injury gameplay – while this is desired by many hardcore players, we are still struggling to fully explain the complexity of the existing system to the majority of players. Moving forward, we are working on a nice balance between authenticity and accessibility.
  • New content (guns, cars, etc.) – As you know, we have already added some of these. More will follow, but keep in mind that it will depend on how quickly we can achieve this year’s goals.
  • Modding support – We will improve the user experience for both modders and players. For example, we will soon bring animation tool support.
  • Stable base building – A large part of this is the matter of balancing, and it’s one of our key objectives for the year.

Let’s hope they fix the appalling pop in on the PS4 game, it’s hilarious but so, so bad.


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