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Check out this 4K footage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s close quarters, 2v2 “multi-round cage match” multiplayer mode, which has been called Gunfight, was revealed recently via a stream but the quality was not the best so Infinity Ward have uploaded the whole thing to YouTube in glorious 4K.

The footage was captured on a PlayStation 4 Pro so expect the PC version to look even better, and the Xbox One X port might be a little better as well. Gunfight is built around four-player 2v2 matches, where every player has the exact same loadout and the pairs battle across small custom-made maps. The loadouts change every two rounds, as you swap sides of the map, to force you to adapt and prove your overall skill, with the first pair to win six rounds the overall winner.

It’s seriously bitesized, with each round lasting just 40 seconds before Overtime kicks in and a flag spawns. Even that only lasts for 10 seconds (with a three second capture time), and you can win either by capturing the flag or defeating the other time. After Overtime, the pair with the higher health wins, or it’s a draw if the health is perfectly level.

A loadout that you might be handed will generally feature a primary weapon, secondary weapon, tactical grenade (such as a flashbang), and lethal equipment (like a frag grenade). Three maps were shown: King, set in a warehouse, Pine, in a dense forest, and Stack, in a desert container yard.

The origin of the mode actually came from balancing the other parts of the multiplayer, with Infinity Ward’s Multiplayer Design Director explaining, “When we stripped the game down [to] test each weapon, everyone would check each weapon for balancing, and the game mode was born out of that.”

Apart from announcing the game Activision and Infinity Ward have not revealed much about the multiplayer portion of the game but that will all chnage during the cunningly named Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay Premiere which will occur on August 1st.

We do know that Spec-Ops is returning, gameplay director Jacob Minkoff explained this is so “the single-player storyline goes directly into the co-op storyline”, and that the realistic feel of the rest of the game wouldn’t gel well with a zombies mode. They have also confirmed the return of the Juggernaut, a beastily-armoured, minigun-toting enemy from the Spec Ops mode of old.

The game will feature cross-play across consoles, PC, and mobile at launch, and will not have a season pass.

According to industry analyst, Mat Piscatella, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be the best selling game of the year. He didn’t really need to consult Mystic Meg for that, Call of Duty of FIFA are always the best selling games of the year, that is unless Rockstar release something.

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