Rebel Galaxy Outlaw flies to Epic Game Store this August

Double Damage has confirmed that Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is releasing on August 13th via the Epic Games Store, and will cost $30 or local equivalent. There had been an error where pre-orders weren’t having this price applied but the issue has since been rectified. Double Damage has confirmed that the PC version will be an Epic exclusive for a year, with Steam, GoG and Humble releases expected to arrive in August 2020. The PS4 and Switch versions of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will be released once they have received the necessary polish and certifications from all the right bodies.


Xbox release is being considered but not until the PC and other console versions have been released, while there will be no Mac or Linux editions. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was announced in September and it has been confirmed to be a prequel to Rebel Galaxy, though with some gameplay changes. Unlike in the original ships will be able to move up and down. The focus this time around is the cockpit view too, instead of a 3rd person view of the ship you’ll be flying in.

Rebel Galaxy will be moddable post-release but there’s no exact time frame for when that will go live. If you have a HOTAS that will be supported along with pads, and keyboard & mouse if you so wish. There are various accessibility options as well which includes aim assist and flight assist, though these can be turned off. The main character is Juno and you’ll play as her across the campaign in which you’ll deal with Space Pirates, Space Cops, seedy Space bars, and a whole load of other Space-related stuff. There are even 21 hours of music which may have some music in which Space is the subject.

Double Damage released a new screenshot as well today which you can have a glance at below.

Source: Double Damage

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  1. really looking forward to this! Loved the first one, not 100% about going first person, but sure it will be just as fun

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