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WW2 shooter Battalion 1944 gets a 12 month roadmap of free content

Two months since Bulkhead Interactive’s homage to the heyday of WW2 shooters released, the company have outlined a roadmap for the next 12 months of free content and updates that players can expect. As part of that there’s going to be seasonal and monthly updates, a British faction, new unlocks, map reworks and more, while Bulkhead invest $650,000 into tournaments for the game’s fledgling esports scene.

To kick things off, there will be a double XP weekend starting on Friday 26th July at 12:00 BST and running until Monday 29th July at 12:00 BST, ahead of the first update on the roadmap arriving on 1st August and the start of a 12 month long commitment to the game.

That update is the Summer Seasonal Update, with each season set to last around 8 weeks. There’ll be a new arcade and special event – the special event will have a new map added into its rotation each week, alongside any necessary hotfixes for smaller bugs – there will also be a new BattleRank season, a new FACEIT competitive season, new War Chest items, map reworks, community requested features and so on.

Around 4 weeks into each season, a smaller update can potentially bring balance changes, weapon and animation overhauls, and see the start of map rework playtesting.

However, while that will be on a cycle, it’s really the big content release in early 2020 that will be most exciting. This will celebrate one year of Battalion 1944 with a major content release and a new faction:

  • British faction added to competitive reworks of Savoia, Docks & Invasion.
  • British weapons added – yeah you heard that right Lee Enfield fans!
  • Everything usually included within a seasonal update.
  • Additional languages support.

That’s right, the Brits are coming some time in early 2020.

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