A new gameplay trailer for Blair Witch brings the scares and thrills

Earlier this year at E3 Bloober Team and Lionsgate made a surprise announcement and revealed Blair Witch, based on the cult film franchise. At E3 a trailer was revealed which showed various scenes as new character Ellis as gone into the woods with his dog Bullet as they looked for a missing child. Today a new gameplay trailer was released that showed more of the horror that awaits including hellish creatures that are stalking the woods, and the psychological impact that the impact is having on Ellis as he goes deeper into the woods to find the kid.


The game will use similar effects to the film including using cameras to document what is going on, with night vision mode included. Eliis will also be on the phone to another character called Jess who seems to offer some practical guidance and is a sceptic when it comes to the story of the Blair Witch. The game itself is set in 1996 so don’t expect the convenience of a smartphone to help out. Instead it looks like Ellis will be choosing to use the phone, torch and camera during the search. Let’s hope Bullet proves helpful too, and doesn’t become a victim of the Witch.

Blair Witch will be releasing on August 30th for Xbox One and PC.

Source: Press Release

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