Chase Fernando Alonso on the streets of Havana in the new GRID gameplay footage

Codemasters has released some new footage for GRID which looks at one of the new locations of the series which is Havana, Cuba. The race in question features the IMSA Prototype cars from the 2018 IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship, and the look similar to various Formula 1 builds. The footage itself delves into the teammate and nemesis systems as well as giving different camera views including from behind the vehicle to a cockpit view.

The teammate system allows players to partner with 72 different personalities. They have the same kind of nuances of other AI drivers but also have an additional loyalty parameter, which will vary. Some of these partners will be completely loyal to you and listen to every command given, while others will be aggressive on the track and will ignore your requests for their own gain. The nemesis system will vary race by race and really depends on how much contact there is between yourself and other vehicles. Again some nemesis drivers may be relaxed, after all accidents happen, while others will look to be more aggressive towards you during races. During the footage, you’ll also see that Fernando Alonso is one of the licensed drivers in the game, though whether you can have him as a teammate is another matter.

Stefan recently went hands on with GRID and wrote, “While I think there’s a clear vision for what Codemasters want to achieve, I think they’ll have a slight uphill battle convincing people that they’re going about it in the right way. Even mentioning any kind of scripting or choreography will be taboo to a lot of people, and Grid could all too easily end up in the no man’s land of being a bit realistic, but not realistic enough. But then that’s also the point. This could be the game where sim racers go to cut loose and have fun, while also having enough spectacle and showmanship to appeal to the masses. It’s a tricky balancing act for them to pull off, but as someone with fond memories of Race Driver: Grid, I hope they do.”

You can read the full GRID preview here. GRID will be released on October 11th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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