Bohemia Interactive responds to possible Australian ban of DayZ

Here’s a bizarre situation for you. It seems like DayZ may face a retroactive ban in Australia despite being on sale for a number of years, due to the application for the physical release being stopped by the Classifications Board. The board refused classification for the DayZ physical release due to falling foul of the National Classification Code, more specifically the promotion of drug use. It appears the inclusion of morphine, and possibly cannabis, within the game as recovery items is going too far.

However, while the physical edition is not going to be released currently the digital version across Steam, PS4, and Xbox One is still available to purchase. That could change if the Classifications Board has decided the game is breaking the code that is in place for video games within Australia. DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive went on Twitter today saying it would do everything it could do keep the game functioning and available for Australian consumers.


Australia has some of the most stringent game classification rules in the world with many studios having to abide by strict classifications that aren’t as heavy-handed in places like Europe and North America. In previous instances titles such as We Happy Few, and Outlast 2 have both had to reapply for classification after previously being refused release status, with both eventually being able to secure a place in Australia’s market. It is likely Bohemia Interactive will be able to appeal the decision and make some changes so that DayZ can pass classification rules,

Source: Twitter/Kotaku

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