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Fortnite’s Gunner purchases will be refunded confirms Epic

Over the last couple of days, Fortnite players have been questioning a new addition to the game’s store in which a new pet was added for purchase. This cosmetic pet was called Gunner the dog which players could carry around. At 1000 Vbucks Gunner wasn’t exactly a cheap option, but what really annoyed players is that Gunner looked like a minor reskin of original pet Bonesy, minus a small addition of a white patch to the bandana and an eye colour change.

Bonesy was part of the season six battle pass and previously Epic has stated it wouldn’t sell cosmetic items outside of battle passes, making them proper battle pass exclusives. However, with this seemingly obvious reskin batlle pass owners were miffed that Epic wasn’t following its own guidelines. As a result of this backlash Epic Games has released a statement which confirms Gunner will be removed from sale and anyone who bought that item will get refunded.

We should not have released the Gunner Pet and apologize for doing so.

Within the next couple of days, all purchases of Gunner will be refunded for the full amount of 1000 V-bucks as well as an additional 200 V-bucks and the Pet will be removed from the Locker.

Anyone who purchased Gunner and refunds it prior to this make-good will instead receive 200 V-bucks and an additional refund token that can be put towards any eligible items that were purchased within the past 30 days.

Recently Fortnite’s Season X went live with its theme being all about time-warping bringing things back from past iterations of Fortnite. Season X also introduced the two player-controlled BRUTE mech which can do a ton of damage to any character or structure that gets in its way. The Season X battle pass also gives access to exclusive cosmetics too, and cost less than Gunner did clocking in at 950 Vbucks.

Source: Kotaku

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