MediEvil remake may include content cut from the PS1 original

It may not have quite the same clout as Crash Bandicoot or Spyro but there are still plenty of MediEvil fans out there. It’s been more than twenty years since Sir Dan’s debut on the original PlayStation with a top to bottom remake launching this October, just in time for Halloween.

We’ve yet to see a full on gameplay demonstration but there are snippets of footage here and there, giving us a good indication as to how MediEvil is shaping up on PlayStation 4.

The studio at Other Ocean has launched a behind the scenes look into the development of the remake, explaining how they’ve gone about re-re-resurrecting this PS1 favourite.

With full access to the original MediEvil source, the team has been able to faithfully recreate the 1998 action game with only a few adjustments where needed.

“Our credo was ‘Do what they did, and don’t change anything unless you have a good reason to change it’,” explains Jeff Nachbauer, Executive Producer on the project.

“Often times you’d go in the code, see a strange design decision and think ‘Why did they do that? It doesn’t make a lot of sense.’ And then you go on the journey of trying to solve challenges further in the game and ultimately release – ‘That’s exactly why they did it. I get it now.’”

This source code also makes reference to parts of MediEvil that didn’t make the final cut when the game shipped. One example is a stage in a particular boss fight that was removed.

Other Ocean didn’t specifically state how much content was left on the cutting room floor. However, with full access to the source code and designer’s notes left by the team at SCE Cambridge Studio, it’s able to built MediEvil from scratch again, knowing exactly what those original developers had envisioned.

MediEvil will be launching both physically and digitally via the PlayStation Store on October 25th – the same date that Activision’s FPS behemoth, Call of Duty, makes its yearly return.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

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