Doom Eternal’s Battlemode detailed in overview video

A new six minute overview of Doom Eternal’s Battlemode has been released by Bethesda to show players what they can expect in the brand new multiplayer mode. The video shows off the abilities of both the Doom Slayer and the Demons as they fight for supremacy in the mode. In the video you can see the maps themselves are quite compact to make sure the action doesn’t stop for too long. Both sides have access to different abilities like Demons being able to spawn smaller creatures for example. Demons appear to be weaker but have a bigger pool of lives while the Doom Slayer will be tough to take down.


There will be six maps at launch along with five demon types with those being Revenant, Pain Elemental, Mancubus, Marauder, and Archvile, with more of both being added after launch to keep things fresh. Battlemode isn’t the only opportunity for players to play as demons either. In the campaign, other players can invade a person’s game so they can attempt to halt the player in their tracks, similar in vein to invasions found in the Souls series of games. As a result, SnapMap will not be in the final cut of Doom Eternal.

Yesterday, a patch was released for Doom and Doom II to allow players to skip the BethesdaNet log in requirement with the publisher still working on a more permanent fix. The patch came as a result of people not being happy with having to have a BethesdaNet account to access games that had been around for decades, and Bethesda stated it wasn’t meant to be an actual requirement but instead an option so people could link to the Slayers Club.

Doom Eternal is going to be released on November 22nd for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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