Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield footage shows new additions to the battle system

The Pokémon World Championship is taking place this weekend where players compete against each other through the video games, trading card battles, and Pokken Tournament. What better place then than here to show what Pokémon Sword’s and Pokémon Shield’s battle systems will have in store when the games release on November 15th for Switch. The trailer highlights new strategies like Galarian form Weezing using the skill neutralising gas which as you may guess neutralises other creatures abilities.

New items are also showcased including Room Service which is a held item that lowers a Pokemon’s speed during Trick Room, while Eject Pack removes a Pokemon from a battle if its stats are lowered. New moves are also part of the package with one being Breaking Swipe which lowers attack of all targets that are hit by the move. Corviknight has a special ability called Mirror Armor and that reflects any stat lowering effects. Dynamax Pokemon will be immune to flinching by the looks of things, while Max moves will have secondary effects on the battlefield and various Pokemon.

Earlier this month Galarian form Pokemon, including Weezing, were revealed. Other Galarian forms include Zigzagoon, Linoone, and new evolution of that line Obstagoon. Morpeko was another new Pokemon revealed for the new franchise entries as well as rivals Bede and Marnie. Last month it was confirmed that the two games will have different gym leaders to fight against.

Source: YouTube

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