Here’s 19 minutes of Marvel’s Avengers gameplay

Square Enix have uploaded the A-Day Prologue gameplay footage that we previously glimpsed at E3 this year. It shows the Avengers ready to celebrate a day in their honour, but before the party begins an attack takes out the Golden Gate bridge.

The first section features Thor wielding Mjölnir and beating the crap out of some generic grunts with Tony Stark wisecracking on the intercom. We get to see Thor using a number of his powers before the action swaps to a flying mission with Iron Man who then gets to do a bit of fighting himself. There’s also a mention of Goose, the cat (not a cat) featured in the recent Captain Marvel film.


Next up is the Hulk who does what the Hulk does, and smashes things, it’s not a particularly nuance performance. Captain America gets to fling his shield about before we get to meet the big bad, Taskmaster, who trades blows with Black Widow.

I’m a lot more interested in the game now I’ve seem some proper gameplay, it certainly looks spectacular, although Nathan Drake as Iron Man is a little off putting.

Noah Hughes, Studio Creative Director of Marvel’s Avengers has confirmed the game will task players to “reassemble the avengers” after the devastating attack you can see in the video above that seemingly kills off Captain America.

Hughes also revealed the game will feature locations outside of San Francisco, the only area seen so far. “Not only are we bringing the heroes to life, but we’re bringing that Marvel world to life as well. And we have a lot of that packed into the core campaign experience, a diversity of locations,” he said. Hugher’s also added there is “plenty of levelling up to do” and that post-game content will include “even greater threats” and that “co-ordinating as multiple Avengers will become a more significant demand.”

The plan is for this game to last several years, it’s a games as a service model. An online component will have you team up in groups of four online, with new customisable super heroes and story missions and regions delivered for free, and with Square promising not to feature randomised loot boxes or pay to win scenarios. There will be ab early beta access for PS4 and platform specific benefits.

The game will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC on 15th May 2020. You can read our hands on preview here. 

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  1. I’m the biggest Comic fan in the world, but the vibe is way off. Hope the more we see, the more it improves but voices, character models, pacing of the game feels wrong.

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