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Save up to 66% in the new PlayStation Store sales, hundreds of games on offer

You know the drill, discounts on games via the PlayStation Store, some bargains to be and whatever you buy will be on PlayStation Plus next month. C’est la vie!

This week you can grab Call of Cthulhu for £15.99, Elex for £14.99, Elite Dangerous for the bargainalicious price of £7.39, Jurassic World Evolution for £14.99, Resident Evil 7 for £12.99,
and Team Sonic Racing at £19.99. Two of Futurlab’s top games are also on offer with Velocity 2X at £5.09 and Tiny Trax for PSVR also at the same price. Actually they are quite decent deals aren’t they? Lovely stuff!

Here is the full list of games in the latest sale.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the latest deal of the week, you can grab that here.

There PlayStation Presents Sale is also still running until September 18th, Games Under €20 is running until 4th September, as is Games Under €10, you can find those by expanding the sections below.

PlayStation Presents Sale

Games Under €20

Games Under €10

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  1. No! Must not be tempted. Not when I’ve still got about 18 quintillion planets in NMS to find.

    Also, you point out the fact that Elite Dangerous is “bargainalicious”, which (a) I’m not sure is an actual word, and (b) isn’t as much of a bargain as the “Commander Deluxe” edition, which is on sale for exactly the same price. So if you really want Elite Dangerous, you can save £32.60 on a game that normally costs £19.99. Because yes, that’s how numbers work.

  2. Oh no, not again..! I just bought half of my wish list last week in the sale, Subnautica, Titanic VR, Apollo 11 VR, and AstroBot, and now this..!
    But then the pound is so cheap for me at the moment, and I get UK vouchers for 13% off, so that I practically almost get money back if I buy something…
    Might go for Observation, which is sitting on my wish list and tempting me…

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