Over 6 million users maps will soon be accessible in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

343 Industries is on a mission to make sure that Halo: The Master Chief Collection didn’t just have the official content created but also having player created content making the jump. It’s taken a bit of time considering just how much content there is, but 343 Industries has confirmed that over 6.6 million user generated maps from Halo 3, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4 have all be copied and will eventually be accessible to play on once more. The plan is to have them ready for Halo: Reach’s introduction into the Master Chief Collection.


It was back in June when the studio first floated the idea and then in July confirmed that the migration program would begin on August 12th. The maps themselves will be redistributed to the gamertags that they were originally associated with, so your past creations will once again see the light of day. However, there’s bad news if you were expecting clips and screenshots to make the transfer.

After extensively exploring copying screenshots and videos, we were unable to find a workable solution to copy and migrate them to the new system – so unfortunately Screenshots, Film Clips, and Films will not be transferred to MCC during this process. On the plus side, we are still investigating a way bring screenshots to Halo Waypoint and make them viewable and downloadable.

That should be more than enough content to tide Halo fans over until the launch of Halo: Infinite which is set to be released next year for Project Scarlett. That’s not all the Halo content as there was confirmation of the cast for the Halo TV series. Back in April Pablo Schreiber was confirmed to take on the role of Master Chief. A couple of weeks back Natascha McElhone was confirmed to be voicing Cortana as well as playing Dr Catherine Halsey. Joining her are Bokeem Woodbine, Shabana Azmi,  Bentley Kalu, Natasha Culzac, and  Kate Kennedy.

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