PlanetSide Arena hits PC early access next month, other formats next year

Daybreak have announced that PlanetSide Arena, the multiplayer pvp shooter set in the PlanetSide universe, will launch in Early Access on PC on September 19th with a multi-platform launch following in early 2020.


The game will boast a squad mode with teams of twelve, or a team mode with three players working together, with a massive 300 players battling it out in each match. Daybreak’s roadmap includes introducing new vehicles, weapons, classes, events, maps, and even bigger game modes. The shooter will be classed based and along with the vehicles you can use jet packs to get around the terrain.

“This is just the beginning,” explains Andy Sites, Executive Producer on PlanetSide Franchise. “We have an unrivalled ability to create online games at scale, and PlanetSide Arena will be the next step forward in the genre of arena shooters.”

A battlepass was also announced back in December, with pre-ordering the game for $19.99 getting you access to the closed beta, Battle Pass Season 1 and an Assault armour set, while a legendary edition for $39.99 will add sets for Engineer and Medic and the M-20 Tempest hoverbike.

The game was announced with support for up to 1000 players in a match, but that seems to have been scaled down for the start of the Early Access process, and you’ll have to wait until the full launch and the Massive Clash mode for larger scale battles. In February this year they also stated the PC launch would be held back until the PlayStation 4 version of the game was ready.

“After much consideration, we’ve decided to postpone the current PC-only release date and launch simultaneously across PC and PlayStation 4 this summer,” they stated at the time. “We’ve always envisioned PlanetSide Arena as a way for players to experience the epic gameplay of the PlanetSide universe, through fast-paced, combined arms combat and massive-scale multiplayer modes. We believe that delivering the most polished version of PlanetSide Arena that meets these expectations, on both platforms, outweighs any other consideration.”

I guess they changed they’re minds on that one as well, or they’re blurring the lines with this Early Access release.

Source: Press release, FAQ, Roadmap

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